Reuben De Maid

‘Reuben first started lessons with Tanya when he was just 7 years old. This came after we contacted many vocal coaches and were unable to find anyone even willing to meet Reuben. We were told time after time that he was too young and to come back in 2 years.

‘I was recommended to Tanya and she happily agreed to see Reuben, we spent 30 minutes with Tanya the first time and I knew she was the one! Ha! We have been going ever since.

‘Not only is Tanya a truly amazing vocal coach, her dedication and passion for bringing out the best in Reuben has enabled them to build a very special relationship based on trust and honesty, and neither of them will settle for anything less than he is capable of.

‘She has instilled inner confidence into him, taking him from not being able to get up on the stage for fear of failure, to standing in front of thousands, fully confident and loving every minute.

‘Not only has Tanya coached him vocally, she has helped him become an all round artist at such a young age and has become a true friend for life.’

Victoria Thomas, Reuben’s mother.

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Tanya was at the Welsh Factor Final 2017, in which CJ was performing. Unbeknown to us, she had compiled an appraisal on CJ. The Welsh Factor asked if we would like to read it; once we had, I contacted Tanya immediately, the rest is history.

From the second we walked into her home we felt comfortable, it was like we had met before.

CJ and I were overwhelmed by Tanya’s knowledge and professionalism which matched her friendly and caring nature. There was an instant connection, and CJ enjoyed every second.

We are now on her ninth lesson. CJ’s vocal range is developing so much alongside her techniques and confidence, it’s amazing to watch. I truly believe CJ has so much trust in Tanya it’s going to help immensely with her progression.

We are so grateful that Tanya has so much belief in CJ and told her she is going to help her gain every success as a singer and performer. CJ is growing in confidence and is learning so much, it’s fantastic. I can’t turn back time, but if I could, we would have met Tanya three years ago, but we are thankful that it’s started nine lessons ago and we are all on the same journey.

Tanya we cannot thank you enough. We believe with CJ’s hard work and determination; mixed with your expertise, CJ will reach her dreams and then continue to be successful. Tanya CJ loves you millions…. thank you from the bottom of our hearts xxxx

Sally Jones, CJ’s mother, Neath.

Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones
Lauren Jones, 13 years

‘Lauren is one of Tanya’s students and we are happy to be able to give a testimony about her vocal techniques and how she’s developing Lauren’s potential.

‘Tanya is an amazing vocal coach and in the short time we have been with her ( 6 months) Lauren’s vocal range has increased and her technique and control greatly improved.

‘Tanya is great with her students and is highly recommended.’

Tracey Jones, Lauren’s mother.

Nataya Bree

‘Since Nataya started attending Tanya’s coaching lessons, many people have already commented on her improvement, even though she’s only had 4 or 5 lessons so far.

‘Nataya has learned new singing techniques and her vocals and confidence have already progressed.

‘We are so happy with Tanya’s enthusiasm and encouragement towards Nataya. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Tanya to help Nataya reach her full potential.’

Kelsey Carroll, Nataya’s mother.

CF1 Cardiff Choir

‘CF1 are the first Welsh Choir ever to win ‘Choir of Great Britain’ the judges commented afterwards that it was the piece that Tanya coached us on that won us the competition.’

Meilyr Hedd, CF1 Cardiff Choir

Caitlin Mae Nedahl

Caitlin Mae Nedahl


Our 14 year old daughter has always loved to sing. However, she was constantly plagued with sore throats and regularly had to sit events out as she was on voice rest. Eventually we saw a Consultant who told us that Caitlin’s vocal chords were misaligned and she would always struggle with singing – devastating news to someone who loved music so much.

One day, quite unexpectedly, we were put in touch with a vocal coach named Tanya Harrison. Tanya began teaching Caitlin various techniques to sing without putting strain on her vocal chords and subsequently causing any damage to them. This absolutely changed Caitlin’s life. Now, she is able to sing whenever she is requested to do so using the methods Tanya has given her.

Caitlin’s repertoire has increased incredibly and her confidence has grown tenfold. Tanya has given Caitlin her voice back and we will always be grateful to her, not only for her ability and skill but also her patience and kindness. We wholeheartedly recommend Tanya Harrison as a vocal coach and thank her for everything she has done.

Helen Nedahl and Paul Hogg, Caitlin’s parents