Reuben De Maid

Reuben De Maid

Christmas Time! Here’s Reuben singing a Christmas song I’ve composed (© Tanya Harrison). Best wishes to everyone for the festive season.

“Reuben came to me when he was just 7 years old, a young boy who had a passion for wanting to sing, and after our first lesson I felt there was something there that I could work with. Right from day one he was always fun to teach as well as a challenge, there was laughter and tears, days when it was easy and others were very hard work, but we were both determined and both committed to get only the very best out of him, and not just in his voice, but his body language and his charisma (which I must say comes quite naturally to him most of the time).

Over the years I have felt proud to see the man he is growing into, he is more than a pupil to me, he is like another son.

I have been lucky enough to not only watch his career progress, but to also be an integral part of it, from days when he was the youngest ever child to be invited to join the ‘Choir of Great Britain’, to being asked to sing for the Queen, and now his next adventure, ‘Little Big Shot’ USA, the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and more.

I wish him the world, he has worked so hard he deserves it and it’s a journey I will look forward to watching, encouraging and supporting.”

Tanya Harrison

Here’s Reuben with Kim Kardashian on the Ellen show – click on the image to view:


The Ellen Show aired on NBC Channel 4.

The Ellen Show Reuben De Maid

Reuben appeared on Little Big Shots on April 16th 2017. The show aired on NBC.

Link to the Wales Online feature describing Reuben’s Ellen Show appearance.

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